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Buyer Broker Services

We located top quality digital assets based on your preferences and manage all aspects of seller interactions, negotiation, and support. In this industry of “buyer beware”, we are a critical advocate in your corner. 

Seller Broker Services

With our deep network of buyer, investors, operators, brokers and entrepreneurs, we can quickly find the right buyer for your business. Let us take on the hassle of pre-qualifying buyers and negotiating a premium price.   

Strategic Consulting

We have years of experience managing various online properties. We can help you maximize your business’s potential with the right growth strategy, find the right partner or acquisition and prepare you to sell your business. 


Buyer Broker Services 

Unlike the real estate industry which has significant oversight, buying and selling small businesses is not regulated. This can be very risky for buyers. Intermediaries (brokers) are paid by sellers and their commissions depend on the amount of the sale. They are not on the buyers side.

It is important to have a knowledgeable team in your corner. We are one of very few buyer broker with expertise in online businesses. Let us find you the right business to meet your investment and business goals.

What we do 

  • Understand our customer’s investment and purchase requirements 
  • Scout and locate on and off market deals that fit scope 
  • Through initial seller discussions, review businesses opportunities   


  • Review business financials, operations details, & technical specification 
  • Conduct preliminary due diligence to confirm seller claims
  • Negotiate a deal for our client that minimize risk and maximize profit
  • Hand hold deal closing, escrow payments and transfer of assets
  • Develop and provide a tailored strategic growth plan   
  • Provide ongoing support and consultation to help operators profit

Seller Broker Services 

Selling your online business can be long and taxing. We take the head ache out of the process by proactively finding the right buyer for a higher price than if you sold it yourself.  

We leverage both our network (buyers, investors, brokers, operators and entreprenuers) and our broad marketing strategy to find you the right buyer.


The Process 


  • We present your business to our network of buyers

  • Simultaneously we market on major marketplaces and pitch to brokers
  • We weed speak to potential buyers and weed out tire-kickers
  • We help negotiate on your behalf and help close the deal
  • We support escrow closing and transfer of assets 



Consulting Services

Having an outside person take a look at your business or a specific situation (like a potential acquisition, merger, or growth strategy) can make difference between success and stagnation. 

Our consulting services can assist you in improving your bottom line and helping you solve critical issues that are keeping your business from attaining the next level. 

Let’s talk and see if we can help.

Our Capabilities

  • Provide guidance around valuation and targettting of M&A  
  • Help create P&L and prepare business for sale
  • Provide growth strategy for online business to maximize value


  • Leverage network to find Joint Venture partners to drive growth
  • Find strategic investors for growth and expansion
  • Help hire talent across various disciplines of online skill set (SEO, PPC, marketing, strategy, copywriting, course development, etc)
  • Build financial strategies to grow, acquire and improve profitability


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