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We are really excited to be launching our very own podcast to help our followers learn from entrepreneurs, investors and business experts on how to create successful businesses while living life on your terms.

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Intro: Welcome to the Mad Profit Podcast where we interview active investors entrepreneurs and experts who left corporate jobs to buy or start successful ventures and live life on their own terms.
Listen to their stories, learn from their experiences and heed their advice so you too can create Mad Profits and the life you’ve always wanted. And now here’s your host Laurent Truc.

Laurent: Welcome to the Mad Profit Podcast. My name is Laurent Truc and I will be your host as we interview each week an entrepreneur, business expert or investor who have left their corporate jobs to start a new successful venture and live life on their terms.

So I know what you’re probably thinking… do we really need another business or entrepreneurial podcast? I know there’ are hundreds out there but the challenge I’ve had with the podcasts that are out there is they tend to interview wildly successful mainstream entrepreneurs who quite frankly talk about all the great  things that they’ve done and don’t spend enough time focusing on what  it takes to get started. That first leap from a corporate position to an entrepreneurial position and those first six months to a year which are the most critical for a business.

What the Mad Profit Podcast is going to do is really focus on speaking to entrepreneurs that made that leap to understand their emotional state and understand what they did in the first six months to be successful. We we can distill that information and be successful in our ventures as well. 

Along the way we’re going to interview some business experts and investors. There are many people that are buying businesses from an investment standpoint, so we also want to capture information that these individuals have seen so we take their learnings and avoid making our own mistakes. We want to take the best information that we can out there to be successful.

That is the point of the Mad Profit Podcast.

I very much look forward to learning about you as an audience. My email is laurent@madxcapital.com and I invite you all to send me comments, questions or anything about the show such as something you’d like to see us cover or even if you would be interested  in being interviewed on our podcast. We hope that this podcast becomes very valuable to you. Please subscribe so that you get the latest information when the podcasts are released.

I wish you a very successful entrepreneurial journey.  All the best. 
Outro: Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Mad Profit Podcast. We hope you enjoyed the show don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or the listening platform of your choice.

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See you next week on the Mad Profit Podcast
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