Due Diligence Framework

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The Importance of Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the process of validating a seller’s assessment of their business. In our world of internet businesses, it’s very much “buyer beware”. We need to make sure we understand what we’re purchasing so we can properly plan to grow our investment and execute effectively. Due diligence is our only defense against fraud, misrepresentation and poor returns.¬†

Proper due diligence of internet businesses has some differences with the processes used for offline business. Different tools, systems and approaches are required to mitigate risk. If done right, due diligence can not only protect the buyer but can also identify opportunities of growth and uncover undervalued assets.


Free Due Diligence Framework

We put this robust 45-page Due Diligence Framework together to help guide buyers to avoid making the same mistakes we did when we first got started. Sometime a framework is all you need to build confidence in making an acquisition. We hope this document helps you in your journey of internet business acquisitions

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