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Why Buy Online Businesses

Online businesses are great vehicles to generate recurring income, long term wealth, and financial freedom while allowing you manage them from anywhere in the world. These businesses offer:

  • 20-40%+ return on investment
  • recurring monthly income through systematic profit generation
  • are instruments that can help offset inflation through pricing control
  • great tax advantages and write offs for owners
  • diversification and limitless monetization methods
  • growth opportunities through appreciation and joint ventures  
Funnel Method to get a great deal

Check out our primer video on

How to Buy Profitable Internet Businesses

We developed this video primer to help you learn a bit about what buying internet businesses is all about and the incredible value of having an internet portfolio can bring. You’ll Learn: 

  • Diversifying a portfolio using internet businesses
  • Benefits of owning online businesses
  • Why buy and not build
  • How internet businesses are valued
  • The acquisition process
  • 6 Keys to success in acquiring online business

MadX Capital Buying Process

Funnel Method to get a great deal

Buyer Case Studies

Funnel Method to get a great deal

Why use our services

We have finely tuned our buying process by combining decades of corporate sales and negotiation experience with years of experience in managing and operating various types of online assets. 

 We follow a strict process of search and review that allows us to find great businesses, below market value, with great sellers that can create strong investments for our buyers.

Buy a Business, Don’t Build one!

Statistics show that 50% of businesses that get started fail within the first 3-5 years. And sometimes those failures could mean financial ruin, strained family relationships, loss of opportunity and a major toll on health for the entrepreneur.    

There is a better and safer way!  Buying an existing, profitable internet business.

When you buy an online business, you get to choose from the 50% of businesses that have succeeded. You get to select the best of the winners and drastically reducing your risk of business ownership. A profitable business has already proven:

  • that there is demand for the product/service
  • that the business can turn a profit 
  • that the processes are in place and functioning 
  • that the sales generation systems work
  • the direction the business is heading in

Entrepreneurship is hard enough. Set yourself up for major success by buying an existing business and not starting from scratch. 


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Free eBook - "Buy don't Build"

Download our free ebook and compare the benefits of buying an existing business versus starting one.

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